Supporting clients and planners in their efforts to effectively communicate the building-specific aspects of sustainability using buildings themselves along with their relevant components as attention-grabbing exhibits – this handbook is a completely new and innovative approach to informal learning in the context of the global principles of education for sustainable development. 

Originating from the actual design and planning of the Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland), a plethora of creative suggestions were developed in order to raise awareness in all interested parties to the idea of “buildings as educating exhibits” as well as inspire others to implement similar measures. With a view to the future, aspects of building technology are placed into a context of ecological, economical, social and cultural relationships – set against a background of resource protecting and energy saving – in short, sustainably oriented building systems.

On the basis of this handbook, buildings of differing types are turned into broadcasters of knowledge and thus become multipliers in the process of educating towards sustainable development. Toward this end – aided by a multitude of attractive pictures and graphics – creative, idea inspiring presentations are offered on all related fields as they exist within the buildings.


Author: Dr. Peter Kuczia

Preface: Dr. Thomas Pyhel

Epilogue: Dr. Gerhard Becker


Book format 20,5 x 20,5 cm hardcover edition

144 pages | 108 figures

Bilingual German & English

Price 29.90 EUR

ISBN 978-3-932378-06-5


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